Desk Top RO Water


Zero Installtion Purifier with hot & cold water
◆ With quick change PCB+ RO
◆ Touch screen to adjust 9 type water temperature: cold water 10℃, 25℃,45℃,60℃, 70℃, 75℃, 85℃, 90℃, 98℃
◆Instant hot water can get in 3 seconds
◆6 Water capacity can be choose: 90ml, 120ml, 180ml, 240ml, 300ml, 500ml
◆ Intelligent display inform the inlet&outlet TDS, cartrdige life
◆5.5Liter Large Tank,washable 1.5L pure water tank, 0.5L cold tank
◆With Children Lock
◆ Electrical operation: 110V-220V, 2000W
◆Product Size:58.8x32x50.5cm

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