ZIP system with 4 stage RO system and hot water

◆ PP+Carton filter+RO+Post filter
◆ Heating System:hot water capacity 30L/h(≥90℃)
◆ Zero Installtion Purifier,easy to operate
◆ Switch for adjust water temperature
◆ With quick chage filter,easy to replace
◆ Low maintenance costs, compact innovative design and concept
◆ No water waste, all water can be use
◆ Membrane: Type 50GPD
◆ Electrical operation: 24VDC, 2200W
◆ Electrical adaptor: 100~240V 50/60Hz. 24VDC
◆ Source water tank : 3/5L
◆ Pure water tank: 1.5L
Products also can be customized on requests

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